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Everybody has questions about garage doors! Here we give you the best answers to help you out

How do you keep your family safe from garage door related injuries?

While having an automatic garage door offers convenience, it also requires some responsibility. You must be cautious in operating your door, taking into consideration the safety precautions. Run through the safety measures with the other members of the household, including the young children.

When is the best time to insulate the garage?

Insulation is very important to make the most of your garage. Professionals in garage door Redington Beachsuggest that you insulate your garage at the same time you are replacing your garage door. Do not forget to apply weather seals as well.

Can any hinge be used in any configuration?

Noticing the subtle differences in each hinge can be disastrous. If the hinge you’re about to install is too short or too weak, you could have a problem on your hands. Make sure that your hinge is rated to perform the task you need, and install it in the correct configuration. You’ll be happy that your hinge is up to spec.

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