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Consider the following tips as rules which, if followed, will get rid of garage door issues

Get the best opener

The best garage door opener for you is the one which meets your needs. Although modern door openers are strong, you need to choose the right horsepower in regard to the door's weight, make sure it complies with UL 325 safety requirements and has good features.

Measure the garage well

The garage must be measured accurately before garage door replacement. By measuring the sideroom, headroom and backroom, you will know which door type fits in your space in terms of the way it opens. If you want it to open outwards, our professionals insist measuring the driveway, too.

Check the lift cables if the door is uneven

More often than not, this problem occurs due to a broken cable. In this situation, the system cannot operate properly and must not be used for safety reasons. The broken cable must be replaced with a new one which has the same length, thickness, and strength. This must be done as soon as possible.

Check the travel limit if you cannot close the garage door

Does your garage door close and then automatically open again? You might want to check the open and close limit settings on the opener. If these are off it could cause your door to think it's obstructed in its way down and therefore it will open again.

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