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Garage Door Repair Services
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All the parts of your garage door are important. Their ultimate goal is to open, close and balance the door and also to keep it open. If the springs are broken, the door won't move because their job is to counterbalance and move it. If the rollers come off the tracks, the door will jam. Track dents will make the door noisy. These are all problems which require professional garage door repair services. Some issues are fixable, but some parts might need to be replaced. In any case, the ultimate goal of our company is to take care of similar issues in any way possible and that's why we provide same day services.

Door hinges replacement

Garage Door Repair Services in FloridaHinges are small metal plates which connect two parts. The panels of sectional doors are hinged and the center rollers are connected to the door with hinges as well. Although hinges usually last for long, there comes a time when they must be replaced since they will eventually erode or get damaged. At this point, they must be replaced. Panel hinges are harder to replace since the panels must be removed first. Roller hinges are replaced easier since the procedure requires only the removal of rollers to replace the hinges. In either case, you can count on the services of our team.

Sensors alignment

The opener sensors are also known as photo eyes since they are installed to see people, pets and objects obstructing the door's way. One of them sends an infrared beam to the other and if this beam is interrupted by anything when the door is closing down, the sensors send a signal to the opener to reverse the door's direction. For this reason, the sensors must be perfectly aligned. You only have to push the misaligned device and make sure the red and green lights are on.

Opener wiring

Door openers work with electric powered motors and use wires to connect the motor with parts. There are terminals in the motor unit and the sensors where the wires are connected. They are often colored and must be placed in the right terminals. If they are accidentally pulled off or worn, they must be repaired. Damaged wiring is replaced.

Troubleshooting and repairs in Redington Beach

In order for our professionals at Garage Door Repair Redington Beach to determine the reasons for the door refusing to open, reversing or making noises, troubleshooting must precede all other actions. By thoroughly examining the parts, our technicians will find out which part is responsible for the current problem and what must be done in order for them to solve it. The door might need adjustment, broken springs will need replacement and dented tracks could be fixed.

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