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Top Garage Door Technical Safety Features

Top Garage Door Technical Safety Features
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When you invest in new garage doors, you also invest in your safety. Safety has been a serious matter for years now and the main focus of manufacturers is to produce doors and openers, which won't be safety hazards. The first steps were made when electric operators were manufactured with safety sensors. The UL 325 inspections confirm the safety of new openers and this is the assurance for consumers that they have bought an opener, which integrates the necessary photo eyes for their protection. Though, efforts never stop. New patented ideas come out in the form of safer garage door parts and hardware that will ensure that even small injuries can be avoided.

Proper garage door technical safety features and heavy duty steel components are a must. They are not necessary only for people residing in areas with strong winds and peculiar weather conditions. Every single overhead door must be safe for the homeowner and although this is achieved with good maintenance, the selection of quality parts and frequent repair and replacement of springs, you can aim at higher safety with special products.

3 additional safety features

  • Pinch protection sections. The most usual way to injure your fingers is by getting them caught Top Garage Door Technical Safety Featuresin joints. Today, there are doors with connected sections. They don't have small gaps, where fingers can be caught and injured. These sectional doors also have special hinges made of low gauge steel for greater strength.
  • Tamper bottom brackets. One of the worst safety hazards of overhead doors is the brackets found at the bottom end corners of the door. They actually connect the door with the garage door rollers but they are also connected with the spring. In their attempt to replace the bottom roller, people release the bracket without knowing that they automatically release the tension of springs as well. This may lead to awful injuries. Tamper brackets cannot be removed while rollers can still be replaced.
  • Safe end hinges. The end garage door hinges can also be a reason for injuries. Fingers but also hands can be easily caught at their end parts. Today, the new hinges are safe because they leave no space for fingers and your safety is guaranteed.
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